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Generating Maps Error: The mesh has no valid texture Coordinates!

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  • Generating Maps Error: The mesh has no valid texture Coordinates!

    I do the following
    • import my reference mesh which has UVs
    • Create my low poly Mesh
    • Then i go to Bake Maps, and select generate Normal Maps, set my settings, and i receive the following two errors:

    The mesh has no valid texture Coordinates!
    No Geometry to bake!

    I cant figure this out. I assume im supposed to give my mesh some UV's somehow?

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    If i upload a custom cage, then i can proceed beyond the errors (I didnt think a custom cage was necessary and i assumed it could just use my scene mesh?)

    However, even after using the custom cage and progressing to generate maps, the maps i generate are blank.
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      Is it because my Scene Mesh/low poly cage doesnt have UV map?

      I guess I have to create UV in another software?


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        Okay, i Unwrapped my UV in Blender and now managed to generate maps, so that issue is solved.

        Another issue - how do i get rid of all the poygons in the normal map
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          Okay, so the polygons appearing in normal map seem to only happen if i use custom cage. I guess it is taking the low poly mesh map details too.


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            If the custom cage has no normals, then you'll get those polygons artifacts, as TopoGun won't create smooth normals as usual. The custom cage is for those cases when you want to use the normals generated in another software.