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Topogun 3 Development Roadmap?

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  • Topogun 3 Development Roadmap?


    Im interested in Topogun 3 but I think there's just not enough information about it at the moment and so I'm not sure if I should invest in the software.
    So is there a rough date for the final release? Or do you have any plans to share a public roadmap in the near future?

    Best regards!

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    Topogun is and always have been fantastic software, and I second your concerns/questions.

    I have a good amount of character work ahead of me and am debating my retopo pipeline. Currently using a mixture of Topogun 3 and Maya. I am considering the ziRail Maya plug-in as well as Retopoflow in Blender.

    Again, I really like Topogun. The ability for the software to hold focus on what you are working on alone is sooo good. However, 3 feels unfinished and I'm curious if an update is incoming.