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I lost my license rights?

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  • I lost my license rights?

    Hey there I just had to reinstall my PC and now I don't know how to activate the TG license again. Please do a manual for dummies like me. I've tried to install the license server and all those things are harder to learn than Topogun itself.


    now i realized I had a single license . I went to activate topogun 2 i have everything stored, my passwords, mails, everything and I started license manager on an on again and does not work. Well, bye bye topogun it's been an impossible love story.
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    I have a similar problem. My motherboard failed and I had to replace it now topogun2 wont work, I have sent a private message to Cristi and had no reply. How can I get Topogun2 working again? I will move to Topogun3 when it is out of beta. Waiting for a reply.


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      Hi you both, you could try the steps mentioned in the Documents for Topogun 2

      the returning of the license works best when you set your license to online.
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        Hi myclay, neither of those links are working.


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          thats unfortunate, hopefully you receive developer help as soon as possible.


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            Please contact us via the contact form for any licensing related issues.