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  • Insert Edge Loop

    I'm getting up to speed with TG 3 and was wondering if I'm missing something.

    I cannot find how to insert and edge loop, interactively. The only way I can insert one so far is to select a the ring of edges and then connect them. I seem to recall TG2 having interactive edge loop insertion.

    Tips would be appreciated.


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    The way I do is to "connect ring". I select an edge in the polyloop where I want the new loop then push the space bar to bring up the menu, select modify->edges->connect ring and it'll split the polyloop. Then if I need to adjust it I'll simply select the slide tool to move it if needed.


    • RedAccordion
      RedAccordion commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks! I missed that function. I need to hotkey that. I still miss having an interactive insert loop, but that's better than the process I was using.

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    I found what I was looking for. The last comment in the post below. Animated gif in original comment.

    "selecting a ring loop give attention if a little Ring or a Loop appears next to your cursor.
    double click to select.
    shift and middle click to create a loop slice which you can move as long as middle click is active."