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Problem with activate licence.

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  • Problem with activate licence.

    I'm trying to activate online licence but without succes.

    I have this message: Licence activation failed!
    Server response:
    "Your licence has expired. Please renew it." This licences works in TG2.
    This is after activated in TG2

    When I returned licence then I still have also this message.

    What should I do?

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    I've got this problem too. But in my case I wanted to change my license to another PC because I renewed it. In my new PC I tried to log in and appears this message. So I returned to my old PC to deactive de license, but appears the same message...

    So I buyed a license for nothing?

    I hope someone can help us.


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      Btw. we can or we can't activate this licence on other computer, after returned licence?


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        Yeah im having the same issue now


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          I am also having this issue. I can no longer use topogun 3 on either the original computer or the new computer. Both of them give me the error described above.


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            Same issue here. I've reinstalled Windows and now after trying to activate get this error. I still keep the other drive with my old system, and now TG doesn't work in there either.


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              I also have the same problem, I went to reactivate it on my work PC since I was doing a little bit of work on the weekend, and it no longer activates on either machine.