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Weld intersecting points when creating Symmetry?

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  • Weld intersecting points when creating Symmetry?

    Hi, when i'm creating a symmetry i have to merge or weld each point manually because it create a double for points that are on the symetry axis. I feel like i'm missing something obvious?

    Click image for larger version

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    To be fair settings could do with all being put in one place but here you go a Video to explain symmetry setting and how to make mesh symmetrical -

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      I find working in symmetry from the get go is a bind cos currently not everything works symmetrically. For instance, creating an edgeloop using connect ring and removing with collapse ring dont sym to name a few. thats why i like to work on one half of mesh and either copy over at end or as we have to take our mesh into another software to UV do it there.


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        Wow thanks a lot for making a video! But my problem is that when i work on a symmetrical model, i do one half of the model, then use the "Create Symmetry" option, but then i have to manually merge all the points that are on the symmetry axe.


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          No if you select ALL the points you can WELD them, not merge as long as the points are right next to each other -


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            You don't need to do each one just select them all and WELD not merge


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              Okay yeah that's what i was looking for but it's still a little impractical compared to what other software can offer with the symmetry.

              Thanks for your time


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                I agree it's an unnecessary step there needs to be an option to weld when creating symmetry like most tools out there, we'll have to wait and see what Cristi throws our way next build.