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    A new build is available: 25366. Please uninstall any previous TopoGun 3 version and grab the latest one from
    Most of the bugs reported by the testers were fixed, TopoGun should be more stable now.
    Thank you all for your support and involvement!

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    BUILD 25451

    - Bugfixes
    - The Draw, Patch and Reference Guides tools have the Brush Smoothing controlled by a brush


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      Hey Cristi nice !! I'm trying hard to download the new version but I receive a ERROR 404 every time Q_Q


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        Woops! It should work now.


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          I can't seem to get hotkeys working for any of the tools (using the latest Topogun 3 Beta). The menu hotkeys work but for example the Edit tool, none of the hotkeys work.


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            Same here as OccultMonk said.

            EDIT: Now it works. I guess it was something that happened exactly after I installed the new build.
            Last edited by AlexC; 05-25-2020, 11:51 PM.


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              For me, they sometimes work and sometimes don't, but more often the latter.


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                A new build is available: 26254. Please uninstall any previous TopoGun 3 version and grab the latest one from
                Whats new:

                - Bugfixes
                - Patch tool user interaction improved
                - Create tool Skip First option taken out and integrated as always active
                - Slide tool now supports multiple edge loops selecting, by holding the SHIFT key while double clicking
                - 3ds Max compatible mouse navigation
                - Viewport option for the gradient background
                - UP/DOWN keys handling for most of the tools
                - Patch tool Loft Mode
                - Edit and Create tools symmetry mode improved
                - Tubes tool Precise Mode
                - Tubes tool extend feature: hold control before drawing a section and/or after you draw the last one to connect the new geometry with the existing one


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                  BUILD 26361

                  - Bugfixes
                  - Slowdown issues fixed in the Mesh module
                  - Licensing UTF-8 support
                  - The Repeat Last command (Edit menu)


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                    BUILD 26813

                    - Floating licensing
                    - Bugfixes
                    - Welding and merging vertices is now much faster
                    - Cut Geometry command: You can now cut/paste geometry, not just copy/paste
                    - The Shell tool: use it to create thickness for parts such as clothing